Thursday, 24 May 2012

HTML Color Names


The most common methods for specifying colors are by using the color name or the hexadecimal value. Although color names are easier to remember, the hexadecimal values and RGB values provides you with more color options.
Hexadecimal values are a combination of letters and numbers. The numbers go from 0 - 9 and the letters go from A to F. When using hexadecimal color values in your HTML/CSS, you preceed the value with a hash (#). Although hexadecimal values may look a little weird at first, you'll soon get used to them.
There are 16 color names (as specified in the HTML 4.0 specification). The chart below shows these color names and their corresponding hexadecimal value.

ColorColor NameHexadecimal ValueColorColor NameHexadecimal Value

You can make up your own colors by simply entering any six digit hexadecimal value (preceeded by a hash). In the following example, we're using the same code as above. The only difference is that, instead of using "blue" as the value, we're using its hexadecimal equivalent (which is #0000ff):
<h3 style="color:#0000ff">HTML Colors</h3>
This results in:

HTML Colors

If we wanted to change to a deeper blue, we could change our hexadecimal value slightly, like this:
<h3 style="color:#000069">HTML Colors</h3>
This results in:

HTML Colors

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